The Restorative Power of Praise

Uncover the transformative effects of worship in 'The Restorative Power of Praise,' inspired by Psalm 71:23. This enlightening article delves into how praising God can shift perspectives, heal emotional wounds, and bring peace amidst life's challenges. Learn practical ways to incorporate praise into everyday life, experience its uplifting power in trials, and join in communal worship for shared strength. Ideal for anyone seeking spiritual rejuvenation and a deeper connection with the divine through the act of praise.


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In the journey of faith, praise is not just a response to God's goodness; it's a transformative practice with restorative power. Psalm 71:23 declares, "My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you - I whom you have delivered." This verse captures the essence of praise as a celebration of deliverance and a source of spiritual rejuvenation.

Understanding Praise in Psalm 71:23

This Psalm, attributed to an elderly author, reflects a lifetime of experiencing God's faithfulness. The verse emphasizes that praise is a joyful proclamation, a vocal affirmation of God’s deliverance. It's an acknowledgment of God's action in our lives and a declaration of trust in His ongoing provision.

The Healing Aspect of Praise

Praise has the ability to shift our focus from our problems to God's sovereignty. This shift is not just psychological; it has spiritual implications. Praise lifts our spirits and brings a sense of peace and wellbeing, often leading to emotional and sometimes physical healing.

Practicing Praise in Daily Life

1. Acknowledge God’s Goodness: Regularly reflect on and acknowledge the goodness of God in your life.

2. Express Gratitude: Cultivate a habit of thanking God, not just for the big victories but also for the small blessings.

3. Incorporate Praise in Prayer: Make praise a key component of your prayer life, celebrating God’s character and works.

4. Use Music and Song: Engage in worship through music and song, as these can be powerful tools for expressing praise.

Praise in the Midst of Trials

Praising God in the midst of trials can be challenging, yet it's incredibly powerful. It's an act of faith, declaring that God is in control despite the circumstances. This kind of praise is deeply restorative, often bringing a profound sense of peace and perspective.

The Community Aspect of Praise

Praise is not only a personal practice but also a communal one. When we gather with others to praise God, there's a collective strength and encouragement that emerges. This communal aspect can be particularly restorative, as we are uplifted by the faith and testimonies of others.


"The Restorative Power of Praise" is more than a concept; it’s a lived experience for believers. Through praise, we connect with the heart of God, finding joy and restoration in His presence. Psalm 71:23 reminds us that our praise is a powerful testimony of God’s deliverance and a key to experiencing His restorative power in our lives.